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today sucked, i had bad allergies. i had to work, but it was a drag pushing all the carts inside the grocery store. They had to put me on a register, and i hate talking to people. Hope work doesnt turn out to be a groundhog day situation. Cant wait for the weekend, i got a party, comicon, and a concert to go to i gotta get so much rest before it. Thx for reading :3

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my job is so dusty. I'm like oh my allergies are not bad then i starting cashiering and BOOM! sniffles. its embarrassing having to wipe your nose in front of customers

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ong then u gotta explain that ur not sick to them, and its embarrassing, they are so crusty dusty its insane. i feel like my life is over if i sneeze and im like holding like their chicken or something.

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