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Despite Everything, It's Still You. (WIP) Part 1/2 of Chapter 1

FNAF/Villianous fanfic. I required peer pressure to finish this fic so I'm throwing it out here for y'all. PS. I'll be editing this as I go.

That night still haunts him. Even after 26 years the memories always emerge from the deepest, darkest crevices of its mind once he falls asleep. The stench of burning concrete, metal, plastic, bodies, and pizza fills up its senses all over again. The screams of its father as his robotic body started to bend. The fire looked like how he always imagined the flames of hell would look. But it didn’t stay and accept his fate like anyone else would have if they went through what it did. He ran. Despite being a walking corpse, A shell of who it once was. He ran. It escaped the death trap made for the man behind the slaughter. Stray flames clung to his clothes and licked at its decayed skin as he ran. It was lucky that the melting mask didn’t stick to his face. The snow, that used to cover the alleys, melted as the fire raged on. It barely found enough to put himself out. He laid amidst the chaos in a bank of partly melted snow, gazing up at the endless void that was the sky. A fragile calm amidst the chaos; but the sound of quickly approaching sirens was deafening. Although, it wasn’t enough to drown out the sound of its sister’s hysterical laughter as he fled from all that its’s known for a chance of a new life.


“But Doc!” whines Dementia as Flug pushes her out of the lab. “No ‘but’s, Dementia! You’ve broken at least $5,000 worth of equipment already! I need to focus right now. Go play with the switch you stole and stop bothering me!” The scientist scolds. Once the lizard girl is outside he pushes the button on the wall next to the door to close and lock the only known entrance to the lab. 

As he walks back to its main desk, it turns on his phone and puts its favorite playlist on shuffle. Working is much easier with music and no Dementia destroying things. As he sits down it’s thankful that the room is soundproof. God only knows how loud she’s probably being right now. He doesn’t even know why she always wants to hang out in the lab. After all she is a lizard hybrid and Flug keeps it pretty cold in here. “Ow!” it hisses as he pokes himself with the needle. He’s surprised it can even still poke himself with the needle and have it hurt considering how many band-aids 505 had insisted it put on. Sewing the fur onto the robotic dog body is not an easy task. This project really has it working outside of his comfort zone. It was his idea but it didn't actually think Black Hat would choose this one! After all, having a robotic toy pet that records everything around it, sends that recording to whatever villain sold it to the public, and then explodes with the push of a button was a concept he wrote when it was half asleep!

He can’t be too mad though. In a weird way it’s… nostalgic. Of course, it hasn’t built anything like this before, but this could technically be classified as an animatronic if you think about it. An animatronic is just an animal robot. Although this is more of a robot animal, but two sides of the same coin, really. Soon enough the sewing is done, and Flug takes a step back to admire his handiwork. The breed chosen is that of a Border Collie and it really did look like one. The only thing missing is a collar. Luckily, it had bought one earlier, and he refuses to sew anything else today. It even has an engraved name tag on it! He just needs to find it. He looks around its desk and searches under some papers where he finds the collar, and returns to the dog. Now, with the collar on, Sparky the prototype is complete!

Flug stretches as he checks the clock. It reads 10:46 at night, given how dark it is. “Geez, This is probably the earliest I’ve ever finished a project” he chuckles to itself as he tides up its workstation for the night. Once he deems the desk clean enough, he starts the walk to its boss's office. Before it can get too far however, he spots 505’s door open and inside a happily sleeping bear. Flug can’t help but smile. It makes sure to close 5’s door before he continues down the maze of hallways. Painting lined the walls of the corridor. Some are oils; others are acrylic. All the frames are ornate. Each work of art more beautiful and haunting than the last, but the most eye-catching piece is that of Black Hat himself. The portrait looms at the end of the hall that slips in two different directions. To the left is the recovery room, (They can’t go to the hospital; they are villains after all) and to the right is where he's heading - Black Hat’s office. 

To Be Continued... :D

edit: just remabered that this is MY fic so I CAN use my headcanons! YIPPEE!

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