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why elon musk is the futrue ov our genershun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

X is the best site evr!!!!! bes4 metaverse nft fans... he love cryptop annd ummmmmm i love his ummmm rockets and ummmm paypal and umm mmm tesla becausoe tesla is the best and cool... touchscriin

some peepl say "touchscrin bad for car!!!!!!! theyu make because cheap!! corses mor crash""" and ummmm thats literally a lie ummm

and eysss ummm eloin musk lying about an undergrown tunnel beeing bilt to  cansel trains is ascutally good because umm sometimes they dontput barriers on the tracks and birds die but um you might say that "Car kill ,more bird then train ever did""""" but that inot true bwecause car kill 1 bird and multiple car kill billion birds but um train kill 4 birds and its ONE MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 SO THATS BAD!!!!!!!!!! CANSECEL ENVIROMENT GLOBALARMING IS A SCAN MADE BY joe bidens and donaldst ruptured bum hole

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