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first blog ☆

just wanted to get the intimidating first blog over with :0

i can’t wait to make friends on here!

i have none so i’m gonna talk a lot on here haha

i think a lot!! about stuff even if my thoughts don’t always make sense, so i’m always open to suggestions, constructive criticism, and even discussions! i want to step out of my comfort zone and get to know what other people are like, not just my little echo chamber

i talk a lot about spiritual stuff like shifting!!, astral projection, tarot, manifestation (law of assumption), the idea of religion, fate/destiny (which i don’t believe in personally), and much more

i also really love talking about whatever media i’m currently obsessed with, analysing it, and expressing my thoughts on it, and i would love to hear other’s opinions on it

i’m also gonna vent on here :/ just to get things off my chest

anyways byee <3

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