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Americans' only specialty is judging

Sometimes American posts called "whispers" appear on my Pinterest, and as my English is a little advanced (I'm not American) I can understand those posts. "Okay, but what does this have to do with the title of the post?" It turns out that MANY AND MANY of these posts only know how to judge others, like saying "why are there people who like Ice Spiceā˜ " in such a "rude" way or that said person did a TINY little thing and these posts start attacking them ( nothing more than these people attacking other people's personal fortunes) THIS IS SO RIDICULOUS, it's simply absurd, and there are people who say that the USA is perfect

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So whisper is a website where you can make anonymous captioned images, it isn't exclusive to america but it is pretty trendy to use it to humourously shit on other people

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