Additional list that will include some less-severe cases.

DNI if you are on this list or if you associate with anyone here. Do not harass anyone mentioned, this is just a list posted for awareness and to say that if you interact with anyone here, DNI or get blocked.

Sugaryouth / Firecracker03 / Firemech "sys" 

★ Explanation

I don't even think I can make a short summary on this person, but I'll try. If I see this person interacting with you, you will be promptly blocked. They have caused irreversible trauma to me and others.

- Dated me as an IRL of my source brother without telling me.  Faked their system.  Made jokes about me having sex with my source brother.  Used one of our alters for sexual purposes only.  Constant unwanted sexual advances while we were intoxicated, when called out used the excuse we should've just said no.  Made racist+antisemitic comments about my black and Jewish friends.  Wrote NSFW of minors on AO3.  Called me, a diagnosed autistic person, the "r slur."  When called out for their behaviour, they proceeded to send gory and violent death threats to my friend about me and changed their identity from "Firecracker03" to "Sugaryouth" to hide.

Astral / Cross

★ Explanation

- Defended a known groomer.  Blamed the groomer's victim.  History of sui-baiting.

Codex / Love Vendor 

★ Explanation + Explanation 2

- Pattern of lying and victim blaming.  Accused my friends of "harassing" them when their lies were called out.  A friend of theirs commented on my genitalia (I am a minor) and when told that it made me uncomfortable they attempted to gaslight me into thinking it didn't happen.

if ur on here and u have a problem with it umm i literally dont care x3 focus on more important things instead of the fact a teenager on the internet doesnt like u LOL if u rlly wanna whine and bitch ill leave the comments on this blog entry but like nobody will really care

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