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DNI!! IF...

you are just rude in general or racist - just shut up if you are block me idc      

Homophobic/Transphobic - or any of that stuff like that 

nasty stuff

If you're a zoophile I need you to get tf away from me. 

Also with the nsfw stuff, I'm fine with it jus don't be nasty about it (AS LONG AS IT'S NOT SUM KID OR A FURRY BC I WILL BLOCK YOU IDC

If you are openly always talkin about s3x or stuff like that then yea jus go  

(I'm a pretty chill person, I don't care much about this kind of stuff I mean like as long as you don't make it you're whole personality then Im cool)

ALSO!!!- if you're rude to me then I will be rude back idc who you are or how sensitive you are :3

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