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going old school ....... !

i wrote a while ago in a bulletin that im going to be switching from an iphone to a flip phone , which im still very excited about .. !! but i also found my dad's old ipod nano !!!! i got the green light to delete all his music n ive downloaded a bunch of my favourite albums !!!!!!!! right now i have command more blood , the downward spiral , symbolic & a blaze in the northern sky !!!!!!!! ૮₍ ´ ꒳ `₎ა it doesnt get very loud & the battery dies after just a few hours but it's super old so that's reasonable .

i bought a portable cd player as well !!!! so i can listen to my cds on the way to work !!!!!!!!!

i'll hopefully be getting the flip phone today !!!!! (so long as they have it in any of the shops im going to ..)

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