im So Friendly

Im So Fucking Cold in this room and i Can feel the Hot breath of Maybe 10 Sad dolls on my Arm hairs As i type... They want their hair Brushed and Proper clothes Put on But my Routine is a Time loop That i cant Break out of NOT EVEN for The simple joys in life... i only want the complex joys.Im Lying im Fucking Stupid My only Joys HaveBeen lost To the Seaof my HOPELESSNESS!!!! Poppy my hamster From grade 4 If youre Reading this Up in Heaven i Miss you. Speaking of heaven i Keep on Seeing It in the eyes OF my Closest FriendsWho i do joyous activities with such as Gaming and Laughing and Other things Involving paper And Potentially... Cameras? LIES LIES LIES

!!!! Ha ha ha. There are too many Faces Filling up Space in my Room its hard to Have Any personal Time when im being Watched By So many Sentient Creatures . i can Only get 4 Hours worth Of Resting time if i Pass out RIGHT now But I Wont for i amA Resiliant Man Of many Talents and Uhhhh Prospects. Im Not Lying Im Beautiful 

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