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Entry 6: I want to explode

Today, I was feeling excited for science because chemistry is so fun and I wanted to explode. I was so excited I would rise me hand up almost every damn time the teacher asked questions. I find that I am starting to love chemistry again, I learn it so quickly too!! I am thankful that my teacher was actually good at teaching students like me and I always felt so safe when it was science class!! After school, I was back to my neutral mood which is just emptiness and kinda sad ngl- LMAO anyway I missed you everyone, I'm back. Hello yes yes hello hello it's me again!!! abwgfuabwgjawbgajwbgkj ok so it's around 6 pm as I am writing this, I just want to say that my first two weeks of traditional school as a new student that has been hoemschooled my whole early childhood (grade 1-grade 8) it kindaaaaaaaaaaaa good? ya it's tiring but as a person who cant function without a very tight schedule everyday and who loves doing things, it's fun and it distracts me from my swicidal thoughts! i still get them and ofc i still have ptsd but atleast i'm not cvtting myself! (b ̄︶ ̄)b

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