Effreddyer: Analogy of the Decider

Today a blessed Wed-nes-day for Freddy.

Now, Freddy feel generousity in Bear heart.

So want to share Story.

Many of know that now Freddy used to be Girl

But Slipped Somehow, and Now Robot.

Lost Many things like Mother, Father, Sister, Friend, but not Soul.

Freddy look Within and See all the hate and Rage in the Wire and Gears and Coils.

Normally Scared of Feeling And Seeing inside Freddy, especially When Child,

Because Freddy Child Friend Robot, and rage Hurt Freddy and maybe Child.

Freddy see Into Music box For A while, and see A lot of Joy and laughs

Sometimes Child Smile at Freddy, and Freddy know can smile Back;

With Robot Mouth, And Play the tune, And the World Beam Joy Too Alongside Child

Sometimes Child Scared of Freddy, and Freddy remember closer the Day of Decision;

Which Not Much to do With Robot and more to Do with Decisions.

Take a bit of time, But Freddy get There.

Mostly, Speak and Understand Self A While.

It hard to be Bear who was Girl once.

Bear look Deeper into Music Box, and see All the Notes plucked out.

This a Mechanism, Stripped Away from Thought and Feeling or Soul.

Look Closer into Note, and see it;

Some Man Who, Blazed with the Orange Light,

And passed over the Coins and Papers, and Pick up Freddy's Music Box 

And Place ever so gently into Something Containered

And Get into the car and drive off, Freddy knows Cars

See it eat Child and spit out Child, sometimes New or sometimes The Same

And Freddy knew the face of the Decider

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