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dni/byf ^_^ (READ B4 INT)

i block freely btw! if i don’t like ur vibes i will simply just block to avoid complications! ^_^

DNI (do not interact, and it goes both ways!)

basic dni criteria (you know, racists, homophobes, transphobes, people who just don’t believe in basic human rights?)

dislikes xenogenders/pronouns and is unwilling to learn or listen

dteam defenders/fans and there’s literally no exceptions

people who don’t hold their favs accountable  need i really explain more?

anyone who dislikes anything i like yeah:)

cis people who think they should be allowed to have opinions on trans discourse (without consulting any trans people they know)

otherkin antis i’m a fictionkin! loser!

any1 who likes/supports ships that go against ccs boundaries in either qsmp/dsmp

PROSHIPPERS/COMSHIPPERS or anyone who has those ideologies!! (you are either pedophiles or being groomed:3)

BYF (before you follow/friend me)

i have difficulty understanding tone, so tone tags are incredibly beneficial for me! please use them!

i have difficulty receiving harsh criticism, please be gentle with me :)

i am hypersexual! please excuse me if i start acting in a way you dislike, simply let me know if i make you uncomfortable at any time.

i am a fictionkin, so i may occasionally be in kinshift without telling you.

i talk a lot about my hyperfixations and it may be a little annoying 

i probably have bpd!

i’m terrible at texting first and can be dry if i’m not in the best mood

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