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I met myself on the internet today...

If there was a nostalgia option, I would have put it there instead of in games, but here goes:

I met myself on the internet today...

My "Val-U-Mart"

If you are as much of a geek as I am, sometimes you run into "yourself" on old, forgotten parts of the internet that still exist.

I wrote some programming for a text game nearly quite some time ago. Turns out the game is still working, and you can still connect to it.

My job was to make a run down "lot property" in this game. So I decided to write this about the "Val-U-Mart" I programmed in 1993.

So this is the description I wrote for the outside of the mart:

A large old Kmart with yellowed walls, a food court in the back, and a frosty machine. There are still blue light specials running throughout the store even though this hasn't been a Kmart in decades. Overly anxious clerks, most of which are pimply faced teenagers run to and fro throughout the store. Every once and a while you hear a crackly outdated P.A. system tell you where the next sale will be.

And here's the bathroom:

A dingy aged bath room that has not been cleaned enough for your liking. Rude comments litter the walls.

And the food court:

A strange little food court sits in the back of this now re-purposed K-Mart. Luncheon personnel are ready to take your order, all of them wearing name tags and years of disgust at having to work here. Most of the denizens of the food court are older ladies in shoes and clothing completely lacking fashion, but replete with sensibility. This little room is very, very heavily "70's wooden paneling" looking. The menus all have water or coffee marks on them.

As you can see, I once fancied myself a bit of an author. :D

I know this won't be interesting to most people, so if this just serves as the fun dark web chunk I stubbed my toe on today, so be it. :)

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