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"Oohh I've really hit rock bottom"

Hello everyone

Finally decided to make a blog post after 2-3 days, sorry about that

I'm still unable to buy the GODDAMN PHONE, I just don't have enough cash and I have to wait and refresh the page over and over again, hoping it wasn't bought out by someone(the reason for this is cause it's the only listing related to the phone)

I really hope to buy the gosh darn phone soon and finally shift my focus away from all social media, my mental state isn't really that great cuz of them, including my attention span. The reason for why I really need the phone is cause I don't have any other phone to use instead of my iPhone 7+, due to me using Windows XP and not having any proper way to access social media I use my iPhone 7+ for all that stuff, which is something I really don't like.

Speaking of which, I have decided to stop making content on my main channel(not @mikeisadumbass, @PanMannYT) and wrote a giant community post on there explaining everything. You can check it out at the bottom of the blog post, it's big so I can't really put it here and not have this entire blog post turn into a 50 page essay(kinda already is, but, not that long)

When some of my friends and people
found out about this, they went "Why? That's really pointless, nobody is forcing you", I think it has a point and I really wanna do it cause it's my choice, but most of my friends understand why which is something I'm happy about.

Thanks for reading!

you are an idiot!

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the social media criticism is so on point (especially youtube, the greatest timesink of them all!)

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It's so depressing, you know, the way we all just strive for content to fill our time and don’t do anything productive during that period of time ( ̄ー ̄)

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