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skool 11/9

nuuu 😭

[LUNCH] 2day @skool I accidentally knocked joshis face and made her mouth start bleeding, ian een hit her that hard idk how it happened! I dont mean to sound like a pickme but in all seriousness ive been playigg bc sports with boys that are rough with me so much tht i cant just /play/ soft 😢😢

But either way, my outfit looks AMAZING 2day and my fit is LUCIOUSSSAH😻😻😻 

[5B] Omg in 4B i got a compliment from this girl who I DIDNT KNOW 😭😭

Theres a difference between a boy complimenting you and a GIRL complimenting you

Ugh I love girls who are girls girls frl

I brought in my sugar shaker to attract positive energy and positive ppl and i shook it a couple times today. Lemme tell you when i say that ts worked.

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