poems i wrote while thinkin bout my parentss

I always liked my mama more

She was nicer

And kinder

And took my side

but whenever her and papa

Got into arguments

She would take my brother away

But not me

Never me, just him

Cause im not my mothers child

Im her husbands daughter 

And my brother is her son

Why couldnt she love me

Like her other children

Does my face remind her

That much of him

⊹₊ ☆₊ ⊹

My papa used to bathe me

Do my hair

Push me on the swing

Cook me my meals

My papa hits me

Scares me to the point

Im dead silent around him

And avoid him at all costs

But dear god why

Why cant i forget

How he used play with me

And let me sit in his lap

God please

If you really are merciful

Let me hate him

So i can just leave

⊹₊ ☆₊ ⊹

All those kids with shitty parents

Are so lucky

Dead beat dads

Neglectful moms

They dont know their love

The laughing during meals

Quiet nights sleeping next to eachother

The smiles and affection all given

They dont know the hurt

The betrayal, the heartache

‘Are you a bitch?’

Im your daughter

I come from your womb

From your blood

And it hurts to love you

When you keep taking it away

So all those kids

With unlovable parents have it easy

Because they atleast get to leave

Guilt free

⊹₊ ☆₊ ⊹

im in space all alone

the moon is the only thing

Keeping me warm

I orbit around her daily

They shot me into space

Was i ever to return?

Have i been a good girl papa?

Have i been a good girl

Oh i miss the earth

And i miss the ground

But im doing something

Much bigger than myself

When you see the stars

pass by the moon

I’ll be chasing them

Im chasing them

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