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social media is horrible

bro i just deleted like all of my social media (except for spacehey duh) and ig i did it bcuz i was just so sick of being absorbed with it like if i didnt have anything to do it was like well lets just go watch ppls stories and if something happened i needed to go tell someone or post abt it and then i suddenly realized that like instagram and snapchat and all those big ass platforms every1 has are actually sososo bad for your brain and mental health and when i deleted that shit i knew i needed some kind of stimulation online still so i got apps for mental health improvement, audiobook apps and learning apps ive also started to go on walks more and gotten back into my old hobbies like playing bass and drums, reading, sculpting and other shit that used to give me more stimulation than social media ever did so what im saying here is basically if youve been thinking abt deleting your socials DO IT i promise it cant do you harm unless you let it<3

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