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young people are weird about piracy

i already know im not the first to point this out or notice it, but I want to know yalls opinons on why young people have gotten so weird about piracy. Every time I recommend something, or someone recommends me something, and I mention oh I think I can find it on x piracy site and yadda yadda, I am absolutely BAFFELD at the reaction I get. Like the fact that people in our day and age would even blink at piracy let allllllonnee have a bad reaction to it. WHAT IS GOING ON!! Why are so many young people uncomfy with pirating media? I think that unless its a book by some regular joe author, pretty much everything is up for grabs. But people seem hesitant to do it? Like, i thought we all agreed that those you wouldn’t steal a carrrr videos that played at the start of DVDs were silly af, why did u listen? I dont even know if its a moral thing tho, the attitude is a bit classist to me? Like oh I can afford this streaming service, why would I pirate. But really, I have no idea whats going on. Hope someone here has some theories that makes sense.

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