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The craziest conicidence of my life.

So, I was eating at a restaurant and my friend wanted to show me and our other friend a video of a guy She's talking to doing the grimace shake trend (ik lol). anyway, she stopped and pulled up a photo of the guy making a time capsule and the guy put a photo of his dad girlfriend's son in the capsule. My friend thought that it was funny, so she showed us, and I look at the photo of the son and my first thought was Omg that looks identical to my cousin. What further made me suspicious was the fact that in the caption of the photo (it was taken on snap) said "Put (my cousin's name)'s son in the time capsule". In my head I was like ok this photo looks my cousin and the mother has the same name as my cousin's mom, so I told her to ask the guy if the kids name was the same name as my cousin's...AND IT WAS?!?!?! I was not completely convinced so I asked her to ask him if she had two kids named the same name as my other 2 cousins. AND. SHE. DID. (also my friend had met the GF before and I gave her a description of what my cousin looked like and it matched as well 0-0). So basically my friend is talking to a guy whos dad is dating my cousin...what a small world we live in.

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