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when something you like ends

after long years of wanting to watch azumanga daioh, I finally started watching it a couple of days a go. now, there's only 2 episodes remaining, and then it'll be all over. 

with this, an strange feeling I've felt before returns...

it might just be that I get attach easily, but I feel really really really really really sad that I'm almost done with azumanga. it's not like the episodes are short or anything (seriously, 3 episodes is the equivalent to a whole 1 hour movie) [even the official azumanga "movie" is shorter than 1 episode], but it already feels like it's ending too soon.

i want to see the characters again, I want to see the settings, the weirdness, the comfyness, the cuteness, I want to go back in time just so I can watch azumanga for the first time. it's almost like there's an azumanga shaped hole in my soul that can't be filled with anything other than azumanga.

i don't remember which episode, but Osaka said something along the lines of "cherish every moment as your last". that hit home, really hard.

the whole show is about high school, the last step until you have to start paying taxes, a time period where everything can go by like a blur, but when it ends, you will feel as there's something missing in your life. if you don't cherish everything like it's your last day to live, life will just go by like a blur and leave you with that same empty, lonely ending.

when we realize that everything good we've lived through has faded away without a trace, then, and only then, will we realize the hole they left behind...

thank you azumanga for making me fall into a rabbit hole.


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