hello, im new!

9/10/23 hello! im daniel, or dan for short! im new to this spacehey stuff,  and im not on technology much either, so if i get stuff wrong please let me know! i've come here to share some stuff about my life! some weird stuff has been happening..  i was coming home early from work, because the office manager had a family emergency,and there where no managers available, and theres a weird rule that no employee under the age of 23 can be in office without a manager. but, i was going home, and my front door was unlocked. i remember locking it too. i dont think anything of it since i've done it before. but since then, i've been hearing footsteps from above me, but i dont have an upstairs floor, and my attic is closed off. it cant be the house creaking either,  its fairley new, made in 2019. i will hopefully make an update to this tomorrow!

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