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The Tourist - Chilly Gonzales - April 1, 2020

So I decided to listen to piano music unironically, and it was a great idea that allowed me to observe myself like taking a break from a video game and checking your progress. I remember that song that Drake has used to end his mixtape on So Far Gone. I didn't really feel anything from the first listen, but on the second listen, I felt overwhelmed. Last night was the second time I had listen to this album entirely, and this Piano track was where I took my thoughts into a dark space. If I were to go now, this song would be the perfect outro, That was the shittiest thing I've ever thought of. I don't usually think like this, but it's something about this song that has a "You've completed everything now let's look at the results" type of vibe or a slideshow of memories. I've also had some thoughts about the future of what I'm doing right now and was debating if I should go to a 4 year for something that might help me or learn for free through YouTube. YouTube has been winning so far; I've learned how to make a water animation through Autodesk Maya, learn how to make gifs through Adobe Photoshop, and currently learning how to mix music through Pro Tools. All of that, while doing my basic college work through My College'sĀ Blackboard. I just wanna do whatever makes me happy and allows me to grow successfully. This Community College experience was basically me previewing the 4 years, and my decision isn't final... yet. I do believe the online experience destroys the full experience of being in a college since I'm not around any students, but I don't really care since regardless, I've always worked be with that type of work on my own *except math... fuck math*. I picked the right time to be online.

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