Tiny Toons Looniversity

So the Tiny Toons reboot came out on Friday! I watched all 10 episodes yesterday. For those who don't know, Tiny Toon Adventures is the original series (1990s), Tiny Toons Looniversity is the reboot.

The reactions are very mixed. The show is almost like a hard reboot; the relationships have changed, the characterisations have changed also; new Babs Bunny isn't like old Babs Bunny, new Buster isn't like old Buster Bunny. People say "hey, at least it's better than the Animaniacs reboot", I haven't seen the Animaniacs reboot so I don't have much comment on that.

Plucky Duck was my fave Tiny Toon and in the reboot he did have some funny moments, but he is more alone? If that makes sense. Usually he'd be in situations with Hamton, but in the reboot Hamton is Buster's best friend.

Personally, Looniversity was OKAY. It seems they aren't directing the show to appeal to the 90s nostalgia folks, and more as a new thing on its own, for a new demographic, taking characters from the original. Which is fine. Either way I will be there for season 2, just to see how it develops and if Elmyra will ever be shown in an episode (I actually miss her!!). I was happy to see Montana Max appearing in one episode, but they never use him again. I want more of him also.

I'm also really happy that Marcia the Martian is included in Looniversity; she wasn't present in the original series, so I really hope she gets voiced and has her own episode maybe? I feel like some Duck Dodgers inspiration can come if they decide to establish a dynamic between her and Plucky Duck.

Another thing I liked was Shirley in the reboot, she got a cute redesign and while her voice can get really raspy (I'm not quite sure what was going on), I like her voice, she still has her valley girl accent and whatnot. It's a shame she doesn't appear more often.

Overall it's an okay/decent show, I prefer the original series and its animation.

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