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Chuopoloscope // 7


 Today's Topic: Barbie Pink Carpet !

Hi Barbie/Ken/Allan ! welcome back to the Chuopoloscope !!

So Srry that i've been so M.I.A. i've been VERY BUSY with School and stuff lmao

Anywhoodles! Since i watched the Barbie Movie, i became A HUGE FAN. And i've always checked out the Pink Carpet, and the Fashion is *chef's kiss*

So I'm going to show one of my FAVORITE Pink Carpet Outfits in Barbie

1. Margot Robbie

Here is Margot Robbie looking ABSOLUTELY STUNNING in her Pink Outfits !! My Absolute Favorites are Mostly All of them !! Especially in the Movie lol 

2. Ryan Gosling

Casual but FONCY😌 I Love the one where he's wearing a Necklace that has an E as in Eva Mendes (When i saw the E on the necklace i thought i was like a gummy bear or smth like that💀)

3. Ariana Greenblatt

SHINY !! Just like her herself ! DEFINITELY Love the Rose design on the skirt.

4. Nicki Minaj

"It's Barbie B***h if ur still in doubt" She CARRIED The Song AND the Pink Carpet !! Follow-up Question: HOW IS SHE NOT IN THE MVOIE💀

5. Michael Cera

Ah...The Classic Awkward Standing Michael Cera (Said in a good way lol) One crazy thing is: I never seen Michael in a Suit before...well actually i did see him in a suit AND TIE on half of his photos. (i wish michael cera was real)

ANYWHOODLES !! That's All ! Thank u for joining this Pinktastic Chuopoloscope ! i'll be back ! (on weekends tho, bc yk school and stuff lol) oh and forgot to tell u, Wut is ur Favorite Outfit from the Pink Carpet ? lmk in the comments ! TUDALU !😋

(Barbie Is Owned by Warner Bros. & Mattel)

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