How to put layouts on bulletins!

1st off, we're going to need a layout. U can either make ur own, or u can grab one from the layouts section!

Now after we chose our layout (I will be using this one), we will copy the code

Now on on the buletin editor, we will click on this button:

Now click "insert link" and paste ur code in there

Now click "Confirm" and that's it!

Now ur bulletin has a layout!

Hope this helped!

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this is so fun!! but is there a way to get rid of the random "> (parantheses) or is it there for all bulletins T_T;

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When writing text, hit space b4 putting the layout and then erase the thing. With images, hit enter, then space, then make the embed and erase the thingy. With autoplays it's only erasable on pc idk why

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