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this is kinda a vent but its not rlly that serious so uhhhh

i got logged out of my spotify account that ive been having for like 3 years and i had to make a new account, i litterally listen to music every second every day and now everything i had on that account is pretty much gone

i privated almost all of my playlists before i got logged out which really sucks because i coudlve just saved all of them on my new account and everything wouldve been fine but like

now i only have 9 of them

i had like 60 something playlists, i think more

i genuinely cried for 10 minutes because of this, i can still probably restore all of the songs i had but its gonna take forever and now i kinda dont know what to do

alot of those playlists i had were like

they had memories attached to them and now theyre gone

im probably being very overdramatic about all of this but im still really sad about it

if someone knows how or if i can get my account back pls tell me 

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i feel bad for u, hope u could get ur spotify playlist or account again

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its oka, i have a new account and i did save the playlists i had and made new ones so its all good

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ooh thats great!!

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