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 Nahh i disappeared for like half a year LMAO kinda forgot about this acount tbh but !!! back with another album 😎🔥🔥

666 - aphrodite's child!! I listened to this over 2 months ago and despite it probably not being one of my favourite albums I still think it's really really interesting and cool and more people should know about this album !!

Riddle Of SteeL - MetaL Music: Aphrodite's Child - 666 (1972) [Japanese ...

 Once again I'm awful with genres but according to it's a mix of progressive/psychedelic rock and greek music, the album is basically an adaptation of the Book Of Revelation and idk i feel like this style of music works really well with that
 Idk what else to say about this album but it really is good (especially for it's time I think, i mean i wouldn't think this was made in 1972 honestly) and unique and u should give it a listen !!

 My personal fav songs:
☆the battle of the locusts - the track that made me listen to this album, it's instrumental and only 56 seconds long but really good for some reason, to me it sounds like a soundtrack from something lmao idk
☆the lamb - also instrumental but it's just so silly and fun i love it !!
☆babylon - this one has lyrics for a change, also really fun and happy n idk lively (?) not sure if that's the word but yeah
☆the four horsemen - this song is a bit slower + calmer and I'm not sure what specifically I like in it but yeah I like it lmao
☆all the seats were occupied - !!!!! the last track on the album, it's nearly 20 minutes long HELP and it starts off instrumental with some cool synthesizers for a few minutes and then it's just all the previous songs playing at the same time LMAO???? but something about it is strangely good

Rated this a 8.5/10 iirc 👍🔥

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