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So, I realized a little while ago how much one thing changed my whole personality and outlook on life.

Growing up I was in the same school with mostly the same kids until 6th grade. I was always talking to everyone, and joining a lot of clubs and stuff. I did dance, the school paper, student council, all of it. 

Then I moved schools. No one wanted to hang out with me, and people thought I was weird. So, I didn't have many friends, and I became too anxious to join clubs because I was afraid people wouldn't like me. Now I'm 20 and I'm still horrified of meeting new people, and I suck at building relationships.

Of course it's normal for people to change, but I don't know how my 11/12 year old self would feel seeing me now, and that makes me really sad. I kind of wish that people were just nicer overall.

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i feel this, heavy. every time everything seemed to be coming together, we moved. i'd start to make friends and become more well-adjusted to people around me and then it'd be ripped away. the last time that happened, when i was 15, i couldn't seem to recover from it this time. every person who wanted to be friends with me, i had pushed away in fear that our friendship wouldn't last.

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I'm sorry that happened to you. It sounds like the move was a really big deal, and anyone would struggle with being thrown into a completely new environment.

Remember that fear is a liar. Fear can hold you back from so many things, but if you let it, you'll have countless regrets. Remember that person that you used to be before the move. That person is still inside you! You can be that person again! If you had the capacity to do it then, you have the capacity to do it now, I promise. Seize the day, my friend. Go do something you're afraid of, just for the thrill. Sending up a prayer for you. You've got this!! :)

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