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Armored Core 6: Some of my funny guys

Back from the dead just to shill this game and post my funny robots

TLDR on my thoughts about the game itself: incredible & worth the long wait. As a fan of Armored Core I am incredibly happy. Also, I am obsessed with this games photo mode.

Anyways here's some of my funny guys, all inspired by other mecha IPs I like.

HAWS-MG (Baldr Bullet)

Arbalest (Full Metal Panic!)

Type-97 Fubuki (Muv Luv)

Takemikazuchi (Muv Luv), Multiple variations

These are my personal favorites.

Meiya Mitsurugi Variant

Mana Tsukoyomi Variant

Yui Takamura Variant

Imperial Guard Variant

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I haven't played but hopefully ill get a chance to buy it later.
Big mechs are just so cool ✨. i saw someone make an Eva unit(i forget which one) on the pvp stream before the game was out.

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