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The joy of exploring

The world has never exactly been, sunshine and rainbows. We all kind of know that by now , but travelling around the globe has always made me jubilant , it has been a joy and an absolute privilege to be able to enjoy the different forms our planet can take , it is gratifying to know that i share this world with so many different people who have their own culture their own traditions and perspective of the world , it really opens Ur mind and draws all that negativity away. To be able to see these ethereal landscapes stretch to the horizons, these otherworldly mountain tops and absolutely phenomenal skies during golden hour, the starry nights in remote islands are to absolutely die for. 
These are the things that make me grateful to be born on such an enchanting planet. The thing is I realize that my blog might want to make you roll your eyes. I am aware that I am privileged to be able to visit so many places and as a result I try to lead a frugal lifestyle. 
But here's the thing (at least for me) . Exploring doesn't have to be this big thing that you have to plan out and fund , i do believe you can explore and travel every single day ( No, i don't mean something cliche like reading fuckin books) i mean exploring ur city , it has also been an absolute pleasure to experience the beauties of my  city , from art galleries , to beautiful lake side parks , i plan to indulge myself in the variety my city has to offer , now here's the thing , i don't live in some big booming metropolis ; yes, it's the capital city but i live in a pretty small country , the news every day , crime rates and pollution makes it seem like a dying wasteland but even in the midst of that , it is a diamond in the rough because of the secrets it has shown me . I implore the same to you dear reader, if you could (no pressure) make some time in ur day please go out for a walk and see what ur place has to offer.

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when i lived in a big city, one of my favorite things to do was to visit all of the different art galleries. the diversity and variety of art every gallery had to offer was so inspiring. i'm not very good at any type of visual arts, but looking at and experiencing all of the pieces of art made me feel like i could do anything. i can't imagine what an actual artist feels when experiencing that.

almost every walk of life is so beautiful and i want to get to learn and experience as much as possible.

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Hell, ya man, it's hard not to stare at awe at the diverging paths life can take you and each of its unique twists and turns. The world is weird and i wouldn't like it any other way.

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