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how i met my boss part 1

I look up at the towering ocean blue door in front of me and let out a sigh

"God dammit"

I shove the door open as if I knocked likely no one would open it for me, I swiftly make my way to *his* office making sure to miss all his sappy buttlers on the way up, I really don't have the time to fight them or what not.

I finally make it to his office, of course it was on the top floor ~~pompus ass~~ and push the double doors open and I walk in, my grimace turning to the kindest smile I can muster

"Oh tu- oh wait I forgot you don't like that name do you? Hello yellow, what a pleasure it is to see you so soon"

I try to keep a brave face as I walk over to blues massive desk which of course was the first thing you could see when you walked in, I plop myself into the chair that faced blue and was going to speak but before I could blue had already opened his loud mouth and begain to yabber

"I guess my little idea didn't work to well for you? I guess you need more money am I correct?" I grit my teeth and wear my smile as best I can trying not to crack

"Well it could've gone worse! Turns out being a licensed attorney doesn't help for lemonade..."

 I clentch my hands if I could I'd beat this guy to a pulp. Of course lemonade wouldn't work I was stupid to actually listen... Though I guess it didn't do to bad but in no way in hell am I telling add-on that, I hear a clicking sound and I snap out of my little though spiral

"Yellow. If you want money your going to have to pay attention to me and listen, no wonder you went under, you were likely to busy in that little head of yours instead of listening to who you were defending" 

add let's out a semi-annoyed sigh and looks at me I shiver slightly, his gaze always cuts through me... Like a sharp, cold blade, I nod and stare back in the same manner

"Of course sir, my apologies I get caught up in thought sometimes" 

he continues to stare through me maybe he's reading my mind... I wouldn't be surprised if he could do so since he's such a "top-hat" or a snob im not really in the mood to drag him through the mud just yet 

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