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Hello!! I’m Eliza ( my dni, do interacts, and byi!)

Hiya! I’m Eliza! Nice to meet you, Ty for friending me and reading through my profile rn I truely appreciate it!

˗ˏˋ My ★ Dni ˎˊ˗

Please don’t be racist or homophobic unless your joking with me and where close homies.

Please please please be vax ik i may never meet you in person but i still care about your health and your human well being.

People older then 18 or under 11, while yes I respect both of the people over 18 and under 11 I don’t think children under 11 are even allowed here and people over 18 I’m just very uncomfortable with for right now bc I’m only 13. ( Theirs certain people who can pass this bc they weren’t 18 when we first met )

If your misogynistic go take a good look outside in the real world instead of staying in your little hole of nothingness because people like you are making the world an awful place.

Pro/comshippers, yall gross me the fuck out do not ever even try to attempt talking to me or getting anything out of it bc yall are just yuck.

Right wingers/republicans, yall are just.. something else. You guys just want money to yourself instead of helping minorities and giving money to the less fortunate and you guys will be the reason the future generation is so fucked up. ( ofc theirs some things that are ofc worthy but for the most part just generally dni ) 

‧₊˚✧ Do Interact ✧˚₊‧

Love music as much as I do, I like finding out about the people who make the music ( not in a stalker way btw ew ) and what instruments the person may of used on the particular record or just a meaning of a song.

Love role plays, I play a lot of roleplay games particularly on Roblox so it be awesome if you wanted to do one or join one of mine! ( my Roblox username is: @1D1071CALLYN0RMAL, Display name is Mikey ) 

People who like stuff animals, I have a bunch and each of them have lore and backstories unique to specifically them!

People who create ocs, I love talking to people and asking questions about their ocs lore or when people talk or question my ocs lores it’s really fun!

People who can deal with my school rants or rants in general, I talk about crazy things that happen in my school A LOT so uh- you may have to get use to that, sorry.

⋆ ˚。⋆ Before ୨You୧ Interact⋆ ˚。⋆

I probably have mentioned this like three times on my profile but I truely mean it, I TALK A LOT 

I may spam you with random photos or things, don’t worry you don’t have to say sorry it’s not your fault at all if you don’t respond instantly I just talk a shit ton

I make kys jokes to close friends, so if I get close to you and you didn’t have it on your profile that you don’t like kys jokes please lmk I wanna respect you the most that I can!

You can vent to me! Nothing triggers me I promise, I may be a bit stunned but I will comfort you to the best of my ability! ( with this though please don’t send photos <3 ) 

I have the humor of a dick joke, if my joke is bad please lmk I can handle criticism very well and it’s very helpful for me in the future.

I love to voice or video call, If you have discord ( mine should be in my about me on my profile ) I’d love to have it bc I use it a lot more then Instant messaging and etc but it’s all alright if you don’t!!

You have to get use/or just be use to my childish personality, now what I mean by this ain’t slamming or kicking around like a very young child I mean like my chaotic mess  of getting really happy n stuff over small things you say about smth I really like, like maybe you say smth about one of my favorite bands or favorite movie/tv show character(s).

I am a huge fucking pessimist, I’ll think of the worse in any possible situation even good ones so if I seem upset during smth good don’t mind me I’m just in my little thoughts :3.

Other then that please come interact with me I love meeting new people and just plain talking about yours or my interest!


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🥞 jizzl (i lov pancakes)

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can we...be um...friends..?? like....pookeis..??

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