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Week 2 : Last Semester As An Undergrad

It is the middle of the second week...

For some context; I am in my last semester of undergrad. I'm majoring in Sociology and minoring in Chicanx Studies. I work two on campus jobs and I am on a research team at the moment. 

Readings are HEAVY this semester. We're starting off strong with readings assignments in every class. My time management has gotten better over time but I still feel as though I could use some improvement. Having a google calendar and a planner doesn't seem to be enough but still pushing through. I find that the first two-three weeks of the semester are the most chaotic. Every professor wants to seem intimidating to try and weed out students they feel may not be able to hang (which is complete bullshit). It seems that while the move to remote learning has been hard on everyone; professors, GSIs, supervisors, and other people in positions of power care less and less about how difficult it continues to be on some folks. 

COVID has certainly turned on the spotlight on disparities across the globe and problems only seem to be exacerbated through structures such as higher education. My hope is that in the return to normalcy, people will have gained more empathy towards others (in higher ed and elsewhere).

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