• I have to stop the cycle 
  • Pretending that it's all my fault 
  • Am I really looking through my eyeballs
  • All this negative, yet it still won't go away
  • Sometimes I wonder why I have to live another day 
  • All this struggle, what have i become 
  • It's nothing different than the planet that you come from
  • Only existing isn't working anymore 
  • How do they expect you to succeed when your life's a bore
  • I can feel it on the inside and it's eating me 
  • What will it take for me to finally see 
  • It never goes the way that it is planned 
  • Only have a few to call my friend 
  • And when it's killing me, who be the one to call
  • I always end up being the one to fall
  • In the end, all you are is meat
  • All you have to do is accept defeat 
  • Life will always put you down
  • But will you be the one to frown? 
  • Why not get up and live another day
  • when there's nothing left to say 
  • Be kind and be polite 
  • Never hold on to the spite
  • Let your heart be warm and kind
  • You never know what you may find

 Got bored and decided to write. Goodnight 
 - January 28th 
Raven Moonsha'e 

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