September, society, and social media

Getting back to nature with my spirituality. Gradually been stepping farther and farther away from society again. I get a little farther each time. Probably a little crazier too lol at least I'm not religious

Working on watering some of the relationships with people I went to school with. I really need people in my life that I can open up to. At least about everyday life stuff. I know they care about me, and they know I love them. I want to be able to trust and allow other people to love me without having to keep them at a distance

Not much happened for the societal end of summer festivities (labor day)
Shrimp and cucumbers in vinegar at my grandparents

Time to start preparing to clean up and get rid of stuff for the Mabon festivities
Cleaned and rearranged my room again
My stomach yearns for the fresh autumn harvest

My youngest turns 4 the week after the equinox. I'll have to see about all of the tests and paperwork around next March/April to see if I can get her into kindergarten since she'll miss the birth date cut off

Keeping certain social media accounts for linked gaming rewards, but ultimately intend to get rid of them and go back to older games that don't require internet at some point. I'm sure I'll still be online. Just trying to be prepared in case the power grid goes out. Need to start binding all of my digital books into print format too

Also looking into making a hydroelectric generator and starting a garden. Though, unless I can do it in bins on the porch, I'll have to wait until winter to be able to clear out the backyard. Need to get back into the woods to reconnect and clear out some of the lower vibrational entities that have tried to take over in my absence anyway

Leaving a bunch of fb groups as I come across them. I just can't vibe with people who are so small minded that all they do it talk trash about people they don't even know on the internet all day. Like, quit focusing on other people's lives so much and get your own. I'm not one for toxic positivity, but some of those people are just plain toxic with either no intention, or no self awareness to even have intention, to better themselves.

Not even pretending to be interested in the upcoming election

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