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My goals in life

Where we are at in a nihilistic society as of date, I sometimes forget young people can dream. 
Forget the 'floating rock' mentality, and discover ways to experience the journey life has to offer you. Life may come to an end, but your legacy, your writings and your experiences never will if you do this right. 

My ambitions in life

 1. I will create something beautiful, through my video editing, writing, coding and drawing.

 2.I will be free 

- I will have a home

- I will have a stable job 

- I will see the world outside of Europe

- I will have 2 cats :3

- I will go bungee jumping

- I will do frequent hikes in the mountains and walks in nature

- I will try different things! 

- I will have my own home library

- I will learn how  to play guitar

- I will kiss and dance in the rain with someone

- I will read as many fantasy and classic books possible 

- I will donate my blood

- I will go to the Tomorrowland music festival  

- I will do volunteer work 

- I will learn 2-3 more languages

- I will go to a spa retreat 

- I will donate to endangered animals

- I will visit Japan and Brazil 

- I will watch a world cup football match in person

- I will work hard to achieve my dream toned body

- I will go camping on the mountains, watch  the sunset,  stargaze during the night, and watch the sunrise at the peak of  the mountain.

- I will continue  to practice compassion and care for everyone I meet.

- In my free time I will make short films of my experiences in travel / hanging out with family and friends.

- I will own an original work of art

- I will have a massive Vivienne Westwood orb necklace

- I will have really cool clothes

- My home will be full of colour and cool decorations

- I will live a life of hard work and accomplishment

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