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My blog and bulletins are for people who- (THE EXTENDED EDITION)

unironically like Rhett and Link's music

who have had to re-pierce the same hole on their ears more than 3 times

who like chicken ramen

who watch BOZE vs. the WORLD

who's favorite color is orange or green

who like horror movies but haven't seen a ton of them

who bite their nails

who have at some point shaved their eyebrows off

who make so many sex jokes that they have to just stop talking sometimes

who go between wanting to have extremely short spikey hair and long stringey hair

who want to kiss Bill Moseley

who don't tell people they like a musical artist until they feel like they have enough songs memorized

who don't like making decisions for themselves

who like Mortal Kombat

who go thrift shopping when they can

who drink a ton of soda

who don't go outside much but wish they did

who like the tf2 comics

who like to cook or bake

who are lgbt in some way or another

who think that character design is cool!


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i feel honored to be part of the majority of people ur blogs r for

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