today i went to da mall and got sum stuffs :3

first i got a danger days cd!! i’m sooo happy i got this :,) my mom actually found it and i screamed xD

second i got this afycso cd!!! i also screamed when i found this bcuz i was looking for fob smfsd but then i saw a paramore this is why cd and then i looked over and saw this LIEK I WAS LOOSING IT people definitely thought i was very very delulu

then i got this ptv bracelet from hot topic it’s super cutesy nd it has the songs from collide with the sky which is super kool :P 

last i got this star bracelet buckle thingy?? XD it’s really cute and it went well with my outfit i wuz wearing :3 i got it in a sale and had to choose fast TvT 

i had sm fun 2day :3

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