"Is liking femboys (as a male) gay?" (rant)

Had an argument with someone on reddit who argued that liking femboys (as a male) is not gay. I said otherwise, so im just copying whatever i wrote here.

"Its gay bc:

  • "Femboy" is an umbrella term. A man doesnt have to dress/look like a woman to be a femboy, sometimes he can just act feminine and still look stereotypically male. Its a matter of "gender expression" meaning that in ANY WAY he's stereotypically feminine, then he is a femboy. Its literally in the word itself (FEMININE/FEMME-BOY) (dictionary's def of a femboy: a male whose appearance and behavioural traits are regarded as conventionally feminine)

  • Its offensive to relate TRANS WOMEN to Femboys considering that "femboy" has been used as a derogatory term/insult towards trans women. Femboys are CIS MEN who are comfortable with their femininity, trans women were men who were not comfortable being identified as male. Theyre both diff things, its obvious.

  • Idc if they look like girls. Its still a MALE. Its the gender identification that matters. The definition of homosexuality/gay is when a male has an attraction to another male. Femboys identify as male, thus it is gay.

  • Straight femboys exist (femboys who are attracted to women).

  • "Roles during sex"? Is that all u think abt them?? Femboys arent sex objects, ffs. On another note, submissive men exist, and most femboys are one of the many submissive men. (here, they were arguing abt a femboy's role in sex, which is rlly disgusting imo)

  • Im a femboy, i had my say in this.

Bros rlly trying to fight hard to prove his heterosexuality 💀💀💀

Like dude, its okay to be gay. i support u."

I have a feeling that this person doesn't wanna admit hes gay/bi. Which is valid. If you dont wish to be labelled as "gay" then i wont force you, but my point still stands. Being attracted to femboys as a male is GAY!!!!

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