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Minions, I'm sure we all know about minions. But if you haven't then this can be helpful to understand this creature and its motives. Though just to say, not all motives they have are well, more benefitable to our and their society.

Part 1, the impact they have on Facebook mothers.

If you are a certain side of Facebook, you may find... The Mothers. These mothers are usually middle aged, but some get stuck in this rabbit hole in their early 20's. Regardless of their age they all have one similarity. Weird and corny minion memes. You probably have seen them floating around during your time on the internet but if you haven't an example of what they are will be shown below.

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Yeah uhm, I'm sorry you had to see that but that's basically what all of these memes are. Most of them try to be relatable to Gen Z but end up failing pretty badly. Its if you had normal corny posts by these mothers but just added a minion to it.

Part 2, the impact they have on Gen Z.

Believe it or not, these goofy creatures have had a pretty big effect and impact on your generation too. Examples of that can be:

  • Parodies of Facebook Moms memes
  • Cult like obsessions
  • Going to watch the new Despicable Me movies despite being usually 15
  • Just... stuff?
Let's touch on the parodies of the Facebook Mom memes since its pretty important. Usually, the parodies range from criminal text or just nonsense, which is similar to the original memes they replicate. Once again, an example will be shown below.

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I would touch on the other ways that Gen Z has be affected by these devils but there isn't really much photo evidence or details to give out.

Part 3, The Minions and their motives.

We finally move onto what the minions even are, and what do they want? What do they want from us? Well before we talk about the motives and all of that we should touch on their language. Their language is a complicated one. It replicated gibberish to say the least and is hard to learn. Some words and the translation of them will be below.

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Yeah, it may be hard to memorize but once you do it will be easier to understand while seeing these creatures talk to each other.

Now we get onto their motives. These creatures may seem silly, nice, and playful but they are more than just that. They're evil, deceitful, demonic, and only bring terror. Most minions now were raised to bring chaos and commit crime. Word says that one day they'll take over. But what do they want to do? Well the reason they'll take over the world isn't because they're being forced to, it's because they want to. They wish to take over and ruin us all, they know what will happen and they want that.

Well anyway, that's all you need to know about minions. :)

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!! RA-11 !!

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minion lore is so f3cking absurd cause how r u gonna tell me theyve gone through generations without significant change in goals , ideals , or physical appearence ??
since they came from ameobas in the ocean , does that mean they are singular celled ??
since they have similar orgins as regular humans , how much minion dna is similar to human dna ??
can they die ??
anyways great post :33

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read this as minors and just went along with it

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i love the minions they make my bootyhole itch

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kinda concerning tbh

by noah thinks nikolai is his little meow meow; ; Report


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u should write a blog about ur favorite mouse

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ill be niceeeeeee

by 𝕷𝖚𝖈𝖆𝖘<3:(♒; ; Report

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