Unpacking still!!!!

Tomorrow, we have our security system being installed! Between 9am and 11am.  Yay!

Our living room furniture has an official delivery date of this coming Tuesday! Finally! 

My mom's new swivel rocking recliner will be delivered on Thursday.

Our little kitten we have is not a girl, but a boy, so we have to find a new family for it. My Spazzy has ovarian cancer and cannot get fixed or it would exacerbate the cancer, and she would pass away much much faster. Same if she ever got pregnant. And male cats spray, fixed or not fixed... at least in our experience so we do not want to risk that. This is why we only want female cats.

I had my Thesis class today and I am so excited to finally nail down exactly how my thesis is going to take place. Only 3 people have ever completed their thesis in 1 semester. I will be #4! I am pretty excited about it!

My cloud computing class was yesterday and it seems that it will be easy and super fun!

I went food shopping yesterday and today, so our kitchen is filled with tons of new, fresh, yummy food.

That is my entire week update!

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