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Eschatale: Dabria/Annabelle Lore and Information


* AT: 70   DF: 70

* Wishes things were still the way they were many years ago.


Dabria is the 64th generation of her lineage, and one of the very few who managed to find a soulmate. After dying due to the barrier collapsing in on itself, her soul was immediately collected by the Android Monsters. Unfortunately something went wrong when her soul went through the 'cloning' process. The memories of her past lives were reobtained, her age was so great that it was unrecognizable. Androids have had this happen before, and it never ends well.

How did the Android Monsters find out that Dabria was living in the Underground?

Android Monsters tend to have a hive mind of sorts when it comes to each other. Considering how small their numbers are, they had evolved to be able to track each other down (like a colony). They were able to track Dabria to Kunanyi - a mountain located in Tasmania, Australia  - and deliberately bombed it in order to drag her and the Monsters out. 

An exerpt from the Eschatale Prologue (From Alphys' POV):

Our home was completely destroyed, and we had no choice but to evacuate and exit the mountain. Undyne's left calf was mangled, leaving trails of dust behind. We found a lot of dust at where the Barrier once stood, confirming that the Royal Guards and Annabelle died. Everyone was terrified, injured and grieving. We lost so much, all because humans couldn't help themselves by destroying the planet and each other. The surface was a complete wasteland, the air was toxic and thick, causing some monsters to drop like flies and suffocate. The weak ones turned into dust, and most of us took damage. Along with being greeted by a wasteland, we were greeted by... Robots? Androids? Whatever they were, they were obviously scouts and medics. They saw us and immediately rushed over, putting these weird masks on our faces or wherever we breathed in oxygen. It was like they knew we lived here because they had protective gear suited for all kinds of monsters.

The Androids knew that the Monsters were living there, and planned ahead. They had grabbed Annabelle's (Dabria's) soul and some of her dust, and encased it in a jar so that she could start the 'cloning' process among her people. 

Soulmates: In the case of Dabria and Dr Serif

Because Android offspring tends to be a re-use of the parent's soul (if they haven't produced their offspring with a mate), Serif is still Dabria's soulmate. Android Monsters are capable of having more than one soulmate in their existence, specifically if the entire lineage is just 'cloned'. Normally in their new lives they get a new soulmate, but that's because they've outlived their mate. Dr Serif is still alive, but because Dabria is a 'clone', they have to go through the process of soul-bonding again. Dabria's death had only cut off the bonds they had set, but not the bonds fate had set.

Other exerpts from the Eschatale Prologue (chronological order)

Serif and Annabelle (Dabria) meeting

Annabelle stepped out of the warm, dark Ruins into the cold and damp snow of Snowdin. Her long brown hair is a mess and her eyes are puffy and red from crying. She treks through the snow, ignoring how uncomfortable the snow feels as it makes her shoes damp. That wasn't her concern right now, the main concern was avenging Toriel's death. Annabelle sees something and stops in her tracks, and so does that something. They're a... skeleton? They're wearing a blue hoodie with a lab coat over it and long, dark, tracksuit pants. They look... surprised. So does Annabelle, so they stare at each other for a few minutes. The skeleton suddenly has white pupils and hunches over, looking tired.

"Y'know, I didn't expect to see another" the deep voice hesitated before continuing, "human. Thought there was only one of ya." The skeleton reaches out their gloved hand to Annabelle. "I'm Sans, Sans Serif." Annabelle processed the name and silently took his hand.


Both of them are trying hard to hold in their laughter until the sound fades. They hunch over, laughing hysterically with tears in their eyes. "The old whoopie cushion in the hand trick. It's always funny." Sans chuckles, straightening his coat. Annabelle nodded in agreement. "I didn't catch your name," Sans stated to her. Annabelle straightened her posture, looking wary. "I'm Annabelle. Or Annabelle Dabria, since we're sharing last names now." She smiled teasingly. Her voice was... something. Was it just him or did Annabelle sound like a robot? He stored a theory in the back of his mind and acknowledged her name with a hum. "I'm assuming the other human is your travel buddy?" Annabelle's hardened gaze and tense body posture told him all he needed to know. He offered his arm to her, causing her stare to waver into one of confusion. "I know a shortcut. You'll have to hold onto me so we can travel but don't worry, snow issue." Annabelle suppressed a chuckle at the pun and held onto his arm. "Make sure to close your eyes." He winced. Dang this lady has an iron grip. Sans brushed it off and teleported to his brother.

Annabelle and Frisk

Annabelle and Sans teleported just in time before Frisk swung their knife at a taller skeleton. Annabelle's eyes widened, watching while Sans held his arm out. A blue heart appeared in front of Frisk and they fell to the ground, blue bones trapped them in place. They couldn't move. Sans ran to the other skeleton. This skeleton had armour on them and a red scarf. Annabelle glanced at him and the codes encrypted in himself and learned that his name is Papyrus, a Royal Guard and local chef at Grillby's. She stored the information in her brain while she watched Sans fuss over Papyrus, checking him for injuries while sweat beaded on his skull. A strained cough caught her attention, and Annabelle's head snapped towards the sound. Frisk was glaring at the pair with those disgustingly dark eyes. Before Annabelle could react, Frisk slashed through the bones and fled.

"THEY'RE HEADED FOR WATERFALL!" Papyrus ran after them with Sans and Annabelle following closely behind. "WE CANNOT LET THEM HURT MORE MONSTERS." The trio ran through the snow and into a large blue elevator. Papyrus pressed a button and the doors closed, seconds later, it opened again and the trio dashed out of it. Waterfall was blue and dim; luminescent crystals glittered the caverns, rocky and wooden paths weaved around and over the glowing water of the place, and glowing flowers rose from the water. Annabelle didn't stop to take it all in, she needed to get Frisk. After a while, the trio halted. Frisk was standing in front of a puzzle of some kind. The two skeletons barricaded Frisk's escape routes and brandished bone attacks in their hands, ready to strike. "It's over, kid. You're not going to hurt others anymore." Sans snarled, teeth clenched. Frisk just scoffed, their eyes meeting Annabelle's. Annabelle stared back, fists balled. "You killed Toriel." She hissed, fury bubbling out of her throat like lava from a volcano. "You were killing monsters when I wasn't looking, weren't you? Do you think I'm that stupid? She was nothing but kind to us and you ran that cursed knife through her like it was nothing. We could've had a family again." Frisk froze in place at that last sentence, the silence was deafening. Frisk tightened their grip around the knife. "I should have killed you when I found out your secret..." They grumbled under their breath before leaping forward and slashing Annabelle across the face. The screech she emitted was not human, it was like an emergency alarm that was set to such a high frequency that human ears would start bleeding. Sans killed Frisk on the spot while Papyrus caught Annabelle before she fell to the floor. The sound of a soul breaking apart and dying echoed through the area, but all Annabelle could focus on was the searing pain around her eyes. She could still see, but it was spotted with blood. She didn't see Papyrus' face as he stared at Annabelle in pure shock. He saw exposed metal through the torn skin and blood, and her eyes... Humans don't have those eyes. Humans don't have metal skeletons, or whatever this one has. Humans didn't sound like robots and humans didn't screech the way this one did. Humans didn't grow metal from their own arms. What even was this.. individual? He would have to take them to Alphys immediately to check their stats. Papyrus found that Sans was feeling the same way too. Pure shock and confusion, but also fascination. "SANS, WE NEED TO GET THEM TO ALPHYS. SHE'LL KNOW WHAT TO DO."

"Let me take her, I know a shortcut. You can go get Undyne." Sans reached out to take the bleeding body from Papyrus. He exhaled in frustration and placed her into his arms. "I TRUST YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO BROTHER, EVEN THOUGH YOU'RE WALKING THE WRONG WAY." With that, Papyrus dashed off to find Undyne.

And that's when we met her. I was cautious at first, but I warmed up to her eventually despite her appearance.

Android Monsters (Encyclopedia exerpt)

Alphys hovered over Annabelle, carefully removing the 'skin' from her body with tweezers and a scalpel. The more 'skin' she removed, the more surprised her. Annabelle's entire body was held together by metal and ectoplasm, her soul lay in a cavity in her chest. One removal of thick 'skin' from her chest revealed that Annabelle had a monster soul. Immediately, Alphys sent Sans to get the pre-war monster encyclopedia to identify her species; Alphys had a theory and needed to confirm it. The last of the 'skin' was removed, along with the artificial hair on Annabelle's head. Alphys cleaned the area and checked Annabelle's vitals before sitting down with her head in her hands. She sat on the floor of the True Lab, hunched over with stress. "Oh stars, this can't be happening.." She whispered quietly, her soul racing in her chest. Sans' footsteps entered the room and paused abruptly. There was a moment of silence before a loud flickering of pages was heard for a few seconds. "Android Monster, a Boss Monster considered weak with their base stats. Android Monsters' bodies are held together with ectoplasm and metal. They are the only Monster species to fully rely on ectoplasm to survive. Their souls are exposed, making them incredibly vulnerable until their stats grow. Android Monsters have only survived due to their hostile and protective nature. Their attacks include Soul Blasts, Metallokinesis, Blades and Basic Code Manipulation." Sans read from the book clearly and Alphys lifted her head, listening with intrigue. She knew it, but she couldn't believe it. Android Monsters were supposed to be extinct, humans killed them off before the war started, so how the fuck is Annabelle alive? She had so many questions. "How... How is she alive? I- I don't understand. Android M-Monsters are supposed to be extinct." Alphys stammered, gazing over at Annabelle's still body. Sans scanned the page. "If an Android Monster fails to reproduce in their lifetime, they can reproduce through death. When they die, their soul persists and forms another copy of the 'parent'. The child has no memories but carries the stats of their parent. This is why some Androids who have never hurt anyone can have high stats. Androids can also shapeshift into other Monsters or other beings to survive when necessary." Alphys looked dumbfounded. "So- So there's a possibility that the remaining Android Monsters shapeshifted in-into Humans?"

Sans shrugged, closing the book. "Yeah, seems to be the most obvious answer."

In the lab

A loud noise echoed through the lab, causing the pair to jump. Alphys shot up to her feet and quickly stood beside Annabelle, ready to defend her in case there was danger. Her stress was alleviated at the sight of Papyrus and Undyne. The pair stopped at the doorway and gawked at Annabelle. "Holy fuck Paps, you weren't exaggerating..." Undyne's eyes were wide in awe. "Alphys, Sans, what is that?" Undyne pointed at the hospital bed. Papyrus stared at Sans questionably. "She's an Android Monster. Turns out they're not extinct like Doctor Gaster thought." Sans elaborated simply, placing the book on a nearby bench. Undyne slowly and warily made her way to where Annabelle was lying down. She didn't know what to make of this. The Android's metal and ectoplasm were all some form of red, her ears looked like the ones Ant-Man has (if you don't know that, look it up) but slimmer and looked like they could move, and her soul... Undyne looked away in discomfort. She noticed a scrape across her face, currently shimmering in green magic. It was clear to Undyne that this monster had been injured, something boiled in her soul. "Who hurt her? I need to know." Undyne's voice was cold and sharp, it made the atmosphere in the room tense. "A HUMAN DID. THEY SEEMED TO HAVE A PERSONAL CONNECTION WITH EACH OTHER, AND A.. UM.. CONFLICT. THE HUMAN LASHED OUT AFTER THEY WERE CONFRONTED OVER.. UM. SANS DO I TELL HER?" Papyrus was sweating bullets as he turned to his brother, Sans just shrugged. "THE FORMER QUEEN OF THE UNDERGROUND IS DEAD."

Undyne and Alphys froze in place.

"Oh boy... Chara and Asriel are gonna be PISSED." That was all Undyne could say. "Is the human dead, or do I need to hunt the punk myself?" Papyrus confirmed that the human was gone, with Sans double-confirming that fact. Alphys zoned out, staring blankly at the floor. First, it was Asgore, who died of an illness; and now Toriel was killed by a human. This wasn't fair. Alphys stopped herself before her mind could wander and blame Annabelle. It wasn't Annabelle's fault, she couldn't do anything. Alphys wasn't even sure if Annabelle knew how to use her magic, she grew up on the surface after all. Undyne was absolutely right though. The rulers of the Underground would be fuming, Toriel raised them, taught them how to rule responsibly and cared for them. She was their everything and their entire world. But a human sent that world crumbling to dust with one hit. A metallic groan brought Alphys back to reality and she turned her head. Annabelle was awake.

Annabelle sat up on her elbows, wincing from the light in the room. She felt nauseous from the shockwave of sensory overload that she received. Ignoring the four monsters staring at her, she reached out for something to ground herself with, only to be met with an unpleasant texture. Everything was unpleasant. She could feel every thread in the mattress she sat on, she could hear everything and nothing at the same time, there was no smell and everything was too bright and bland. The lack of and overload of stimulation stressed her out. Her soul was frantic and only picked up the pace when she looked down at herself. Where is my skin? What happened to my clothes? What is this?! What- What happened to me?! Her mind raced with questions and answers. She hadn't seen her real body in a long time, not since Frisk saw her in this state years ago and absolutely lost their shit. Annabelle remembered soothing them and calming them down to make it clear that she wasn't a threat. Now she realized that was a mistake. Regardless of what they went through and what they lost, Frisk tried to kill her. Frisk had always wanted to hurt her, she didn't realize until that very moment when she 'bled' in Papyrus' arms. Annabelle was dragged out of her spiral when a skeletal hand reached out and grasped her shoulder. "Hey bud, you're okay. You're safe." Sans held out some sort of fidget toy, which Annabelle immediately took. She flipped the pole, watching the glitter inside it sink to the bottom before she flipped it again. Sans and a yellow, brown, and orange lizard monster stood near her while she calmed down, reassuring her that she was okay. It took a while before Annabelle could properly think and talk. A tall blue fish monster and Papyrus stood to the side, worried and concerned looks on their faces. Annabelle tapped the pole on her thigh, drumming it and listening to the sound it made while she thought of what to ask. "Who are you?" She asked, red pupils locking onto the yellow, brown, and orange monster. The Monster looked a lot like a Thorny Devil, but there weren't many 'thorns'. Their scales were yellow with brown and orange markings, and the light of the lab reflected off them beautifully. They had buck teeth and glasses, which made them adorable. The Monster fiddled with their claws. "I-I'm Alphys. I'm the... The Lead Royal Scientist of the U-Underground." Annabelle was astonished at her strong Australian accent, it was cool though. And definitely a huge contrast from the American-like accent Sans had. Annabelle nodded at Alphys in acknowledgement, turning her head to the blue fish-like Monster. "And you?" The Monster took a moment to collect themselves. "Undyne. Head of the Royal Guard." Undyne's voice was commanding and deep. She had an accent like Alphys' but it was less apparent and bordered with Spanish. The Monster looked like a mix between a Piranha and a Siamese Fighting Fish, but there was more of an elegancy to her that Annabelle couldn't describe; she wouldn't be surprised if Undyne was a water nymph type of Monster. "I'm guessing you all have some questions," Annabelle spoke bluntly, sitting up and leaning on the header of the bed.

"I GUESS SO, WE'RE JUST MORE WORRIED. YOU WERE BLEEDING A LOT." Papyrus stated, confusing Annabelle. "You don't even know me, and that isn't real blood by the way. It's more of an illusion to fool humans or other organisms." Undyne's ear fins flicked at Annabelle's 'you don't know me' statement. "It doesn't matter if we don't know you, you were hurt and you're one of us. There is no way we'd leave you to dust." Undyne spoke sharply, arms crossed while she leaned against the wall of the lab. Alphys nodded in agreement. "Monsters can be quite fragile, plus w-we didn't know what you were or what your stats are. We aren't even sure if- if you can heal yourself." Alphys was right, Annabelle couldn't heal herself. "Fair. Thank you for helping though." Annabelle turned her attention back to the fidget toy. A beat of silence followed and Undyne spoke up. "So uh.. what brought you down here?" Annabelle paused her fidgeting and exhaled softly. "Basically, Earth is fucked. Total climate damage, human rights destroyed, genocides... Oh yeah, and a third world war for good measure. Me and Frisk decided to take a hike up the mountain to enjoy the scenery one last time before the upcoming nuclear war destroyed it all. We found a cave, explored it, tripped and ended up here. Toriel found us, fussed over us and led us through the catacombs. We stayed there for a while before Frisk got a little antsy and attempted to leave. Toriel wouldn't let them, she was scared of what 'Chara' would do if they found another human here. Frisk killed her and I watched. I couldn't do anything and just cried like a little bitch. Then I met Sans, hilarity ensued and now I'm in a lab with four other Monsters." She explained nonchalantly, still focusing on the fidget toy. Papyrus went up to Annabelle and put a hand on hers. "WHAT HAPPENED TO TORIEL IS NOT YOUR FAULT. EVERYONE REACTS DIFFERENTLY AND THERE WAS NOTHING YOU COULD DO REGARDLESS. YOU'RE NOT A 'LITTLE BITCH' FOR CRYING EITHER. TORIEL CARED FOR YOU AND HER DEATH HURT YOU, YOUR GRIEF IS VALID. I AM SORRY THAT THE SURFACE GOT THAT TERRIBLE, I HOPE YOU CAN FIND SAFETY HERE WITH US." His words were surprising to hear. Not once had Annabelle received that form of kindness, it was nice to hear. She smiled softly at him and muttered a thanks, unsure of how to respond. "How old are you Annabelle? I'm- I'm sorry about the random question, b-but I just need to make sure we don't need to clothe you in stripes." Alphys stuttered, she had some sort of tablet in her hand. "I haven't really kept track of my age, I would say a human equivalent of 25. Give or take a few years. But to put it simply, I'm an adult." Alphys hummed in acknowledgement and put the information into the tablet. "M'kay... Do y-you have any sensory requirements? Me and Sans have observed that you may struggle with sensory issues." Huh. They're pretty damn observant. "I like comfortable clothes. As long as it isn't jeans, whatever this mattress is made of and that really uncomfy wool grandmas like knitting into their woolly jumpers to torture their grandkids, I don't mind. I would also prefer full coverage of my body unless I deem it otherwise. Sorry, kinda ranted there." Annabelle let out a strained chuckle and tapped the fidget against her thigh again. "Nah it's fine bud. The more you talk the more we learn about ya anyway, helps us to get the right wardrobe for ya." Sans smiled. Alphys pressed something on her tablet and a clicking of heels on the floor rapidly approached the room. Sans heard it and a look of utter dread was plastered onto his face. Oh boy, here we go.

Alphys' POV on how things went

We helped families retrieve their loved ones' remains while Annabelle settled, and a month later a large funeral was held for Toriel while honouring the many other lives that fell. Annabelle stayed with us for 5 years, Undyne and Papyrus taught her how to fight, Mettaton taught her how to style herself, Sans and Annabelle got really close and I studied her weekly with her consent. Chara and Asriel were surprisingly welcoming, but I guess it's because she's a Monster. Things were doing well, me and Undyne got married by the way. It was the happiest day of our lives, and our friends supported us ferociously. We did the same for Annabelle and Sans too, we were all happy. But as usual, nothing lasted forever. We were soon reminded of what was happening on the surface.

The collapse of the Underground

For the past few days the Underground was getting hit with earthquakes. The elevators have malfunctioned a few times, trapping Monsters on levels for hours on end. The Core shut down once, causing a blackout for a day. The quakes were getting worse, and everyone was on edge. Mettaton did his best to distract others but the intensity of the quakes was too much. Papyrus and many other Royal Guards were sent to scout the Barrier daily at King Asriel's orders. Everyone was scared, they had no clue of what was going on. Annabelle knew what was happening and it was terrifying. The nuclear war had finally reached the mountain, and it wouldn't be long before it collapsed. She had a meltdown recently, the fear and stress were too much to hold in. Of course though, Sans was able to calm her, reassuring her that it was going to be okay and taking the necessary methods to ensure she didn't injure herself. She loved him for that, it was one of the reasons she fell in love with him anyway. He could read her easily and would know what to do, but that might just be part of the whole Soulmate thing. Currently, they were huddled together on the green couch in their house in Snowdin, holding each other until the quakes died down. But they didn't. It got more and more intense until the ceiling of Snowdin actually started to crumble slowly, pieces of rock falling to the floor and onto roofs. Papyrus was in his room, curled into a ball. No one moved and the rumbling died down.

"Sans?" Annabelle called for him quietly while she gripped onto his shoulders for dear life. He hummed in acknowledgement. "Is it safe for Papyrus to come out now?" Before Sans could answer, the rumbling came back, but with so much intensity and fierceness. Everything became a blur. The house crumbled in on itself and the top floor collapsed, Sans immediately teleported Annabelle and himself out, taking a shortcut to the Judgement Hall of the Capital. A lot of monsters had the same idea, as groups of them were already there panicked and crying. Sans set Annabelle onto her feet and grabbed her hand, pulling her along as he looked for Undyne and Alphys. He didn't have time to grieve for Papyrus right now, he just hoped he survived somehow and focused on keeping Annabelle safe. She was sobbing quietly, but made sure to wipe any tear that escaped her eyes, she could cry later. They found Undyne, who was comforting a very distressed Alphys. "Sans! 'Belle!" Undyne stood up to give them both a bear hug and then set them down, gripping their shoulders. "Fuck, you're both okay! Where's Paps? Is he safe too?" She was met with an anguished silence from the couple. Undyne could feel her soul ache, they had lost Mettaton and Papyrus in one day. She swore under her breath and sat on the floor, a hand on her forehead. This cannot be happening right now... Please don't be real. she thought, but denial would get her nowhere. This was their reality, and reality was cruel. Sans and Annabelle sat with Undyne and Alphys comforting them both in silence.

A bit of time passed before the Royal Siblings came to check on everyone, gathering a scout to check the damage of the Barrier. Annabelle and the remaining Royal Guards left to go to the Barrier while everyone else stayed behind. Sans felt uneasy about this, but he couldn't object. It didn't matter if the Underground was still currently being affected by the quakes, everyone's safety was important and the Barrier was the one thing that stopped the Capital from collapsing. If the Barrier was damaged, they were screwed. He looked around the hall, Muffet and other Monsters were currently forming a canopy over everyone in case the Capital collapsed. A bunch of Temmies were being comforted by a small purple and black bat-cat, Hex. Hex was kind of like the Scientist's pet but also not, it was complicated. The Monster children were being reassured by Chara and Asriel was wandering the Hall, healing who he could. Undyne was counting everyone, while also counting who died. Sans stayed with a grieving Alphys, rubbing her back and reassuring her. The canopy was fully formed and everyone gathered close under it, waiting in an anxious silence. The quakes came back so suddenly, the noises of explosions were deafening as they heard part of the Capital collapse. The Judgement Hall soon crumbled in on itself, making everyone scream and shriek in terror. Some of the debris and rubble got past the canopy, crushing one or two monsters. An ear-piercing scream was heard from Undyne, her lower left leg was completely crushed. The entire Underground was destroyed, but whatever was happening on the surface dragged on for an hour. It went away after a few loud explosions were heard. Everyone remained under the canopy for another hour to ensure it wouldn't return. It didn't, it was over.

Alphys' POV of the aftermath

Vehicles arrived at the area and we were all piled in. Undyne was attended to along with other monsters who were injured or affected badly by the air, especially Ruler Chara, who was having a coughing fit. Sans was unusually silent the entire time, his hand was glued to where his soul was. He was in such a state of grief that he was in shock. We were taken to some sort of large city or empire covered by a semi-translucent dome. Inside, there was breathable air and an entire society. We were taken to a medical facility to be treated and quarantined for a few months. They put everyone under surgery to get the required implants so we could have a chance at surviving here. It was weird. But at the time we didn't object, we wanted to live. Everyone but a few exceptions received the same type of 'ears' that Annabelle had, which was strange. I had pipes implanted into my body so I could breathe and so did Undyne. They could be removed at anytime as well. Many monsters had pipes, some didn't. Undyne received a prosthetic leg and eye, and Sans got his own modified mask that covered his nasal cavity and attached to his jawbone. A lot of Tems had their souls transferred into 'humanoid' robot replicas of themselves, which they eagerly accepted because they knew they couldn't receive the same implants we had. It was a rough time, adjusting to the new technology and the new life we were given. But we did it. Me and Sans were recruited as scientists, Muffet and Asriel were placed in agriculture, and Chara, Undyne and a few others were recruited as scouts. The rest found a place in society and did their part to help. Everyone that lived under this dome was once refugees or they were built by whoever ran the place, which we never found out.

That is all the information I can give away on Dabria right now in terms of backstory and lore. You can find information on Dabria's character profile on my TikTok, which is linked in my carrd on my profile!

If you want updates on Eschatale, be sure to either follow/subscribe to my blog on here or join my Community Discord Server! (It is mostly Undertale-based and you'll also be updated on my art too!)

Thank you for reading!

- Hex

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