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Another trip around the sun🎉 (I hate birthdays)

As of midnight tonight, it is my birthday🎉. I guess I should be happier.

The truth is I always get upset around my birthdays because I imagined I would have progressed further on my goals in the past year. Focusing on the positive, there is a lot to be happy about for what I've done in the past year. I completely saved my academic career by getting a 4.0 in my local college and getting accepted into a school I never would have been accepted into with my highschool grades. I went from being 50 lbs overweight to being extremely slim. I finally fixed my teeth after years of it being my biggest insecurity, and I got a summer internship that has taught me a lot and helped me pay for college. I guess I should be happier, but I can't shake the feeling that I could have done more.

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