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Aug 31th, 2023 - My girlfriend is mad w me and i feel bad

Ok today(thursday) sucked but i m going to talk about this l8r. First, about yesterday (wednesday) i went out w her @ night (girly was skipping classes, don´t follow her example) and we walked a lot. first to the graveyard which we shouldnt be there bcs my mom thinks theres always weedheads 24/7 but i love that place so much. in that place was our first kiss (like a goth dream love story, it was awesome) and even tho its small, its simply perfect @ night or afternoon.

someday ill make a blog of its graves, some of them r so beautiful.

anyways, we sat on a bench there and started talking about stuff when my mom called my phone desperately asking where i was because my dad thought she knew i was going to left home for a while and just let me go when she didn't arrive home yet. y'know, something i hate about my relationship w my parents especially w my mom) is this constant fear of giving me freedom. like, i cant go out without giving her a fucking hole act about what am i doing and sending her my live location and w my dad it isnt muuuch different. i obviously lied, saying that we were and the park or smw i dont remember and for some kind of miracle my mom didn't asked for my location.

my gf then asked what did she call me for and i told her everything and also that some hours b4 i left home, i heard my father mad, talking w someone abt how he was the victim of a coup 4 a ""church"" and that thing made me worry a lot. I also told her i was afraid my father would come to a crisis (since hes diagnosed as bipolar). After that, the conversation started to get a little bit more emotional and i told her for the first time about my worries of being diagnosed w bipolarity later in life since its kind of genetical and she told me about some family stuff too. 

Well, after some time the conversation came back to normal and etc etc. ended up i got back home at like 10 pm. Why did i write allat? Idk, this isn't supposed to be interesting, its just a poor public diary that im probably going to forget in some weeks.

Ok now about today, 31 wed.

To resume, cus my battery is running out, me and my gf fought because i sent her a pic of another girl in my shoulder. But like, i didnt meant to do it like that, in fact i didnt even remark that she was on my shoulder. The propose of the pic was to bully ironically this girl, but that made my gf think that she was on my shoulder for the hole time in like, a romantic way? Ended up that after a hole day discussing by insta, we both asked sorry and made peace? Idk how to say this in english

Your language sucks bro, make it again.


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