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Now New Thoughts Of Freddy: Nought Working

Today became a Thursday for Freddy,

And when in pizeria, speak to Chica.

Chica say to Freddy,

"Many times I wonder why I stay in the pizeria."

"Could leave if I wanted,"

"But live in the world as Entertainment Robot,

"And Have Nothing to Entertain,

"And Know No else"

"There's Nothing for Chica"

Freddy couldn't Believe her Word,

Since She was Bird, She'd always be pizeria-bound.

Freddy say to Chica,

"Freddy never want to leave the pizeria."

And Chica leave to go to kitchen,

 and leave Freddy alone in Party room.

Freddy wonder and dig up a Memory,

Of before the Decider, and Before Girl Become Machine.

All the Dreams Must be store in the Gear, Or the Wire.

Some how Blurred Through the Old Crystal That was Always There.

Somewhere some Man Picked up the Reciept,

And Sighed

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