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Fall is Coming Up, Which Means Stuff I Think

This summer was a really hot one. I've spent most of it in my room. I tell myself that it's too hot to go outside, mainly because I'm putting off learning to drive. I'm 19. Other 19 year olds I know are going on road trips and here I am without a license.  When it finally cools down I wont have a choice. It's crazy. Once I have a car and a license I'll be able to go anywhere I want whenever I want. I can go to the library, or the coffee shop, or the park. I try to focus on these exciting things rather than the idea that I'm steering a several ton death machine so that it doesn't flatten any innocent bystanders. BAAAACK on the subject of fall, it'll get cool enough to light the fire-pit and use all that firewood I cut in June, and it'll cool down, and I can wear fluffy clothes without sweating, and I can drink hot cocoa, and it'll be colder outside (I've got autism and the summer heat drives me up the wall), and the air smells sweat and earthy :D

I kinda like fall.

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dappo dimebear

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yeah it's a pretty good season. fires are great too, i get one going every couple weeks or so... definitely things to look forward to!

and you should look forward to that driving, even just to get it out of the way. it is a very handy skill to know... and if you're that worried about making mistakes, then you'll probably make for a pretty good driver :) me, there are a ton of silly drivers on the road, THEY'RE the ones you should be worried about hahahahaha. just take it slow! take care

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