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Aug 30th, 2023 - Can't stop thinking about yesterday night

Day 3, 14:50?). Ill be talking about feeling and uninteresting things so just ignore this blog. 

Here i am in this couch on my school where i've posted from since day 1. Just left PE and damn, I'm so fucking lazy. I hate that it is in the afternoon period.

I've noticed I'm starting to get more social and responsible after a month of taking meds. Even tho i forgot to take it today because i was l8, i feel like the things are starting to get easier. Even my parents noticed how im doing better at school and in my daily work, which never happened. Just don't like feeling too serious like now. I mean, there's already some months i've being feeling mood swings like: once im serious as fuck, another im silly, in the other im sad or in melancholy for no motive, then im h0rny(not in the sexual way, idk how to express this in another word) or in a crazy-like mood where im immature and, idk. I mean, it's kind of scary since my father has bipolarity and this is something i have fear to develop since i got the knowledge of it and its one of the disorder's symptoms. 

Anyways, today is being kind of normal, the weather is not THAAAT hot and nothing interesting happened since. I'll edit this l8r if so.

Also i need to improve my vocabulary, gawddamn

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