Confessions of a Shopaholic

Not the TV show/movie. More like my life.

I had my mom come over to help me go through my massive wardrobe that I don't take good care of.

I have 3 distinct sizes of clothing. I am at my heaviest but I have started to lose weight. I want to comb through what I've accumulated but also have the co flixt of whether or not I want to get rid of clothing that I'll soon fit again, 1 to avoid having to purchase more clothing again and 2 getting g more because my style choices have shifted. But I have so much it's a bit overwhelming to take on all in 1 day.

I thankfully have a friend who needs clothing in larger sizes so I have a place where they can go should she want them rather than just dropping it all at goodwill. I'm not sure the items I want to part ways will will garner a good return at consignment.

I have a poshmark account and have sold some items on there but definitely not getting the return on what I invested in the clothing in the first place despite the items being gently used. Do I really have the spoons/energy to post and hold on to items I want to part ways with. Much of me just wants to get them out of the house completely.

Then there is the nostalgia and rediscovering the items I love I have that I couldn't locate for whatever reason.

Trying to triage and figure out what will be used most of all is just difficult.

Any insights would be lovely.

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If it's a matter of sentimentality and not practicality, it could be a good idea to photograph your favorite pieces that no longer serve you before getting rid of them. So that way, you still kind of "have it", but it's not taking up any physical space :)

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That's not a bad idea. Thanks for the advice!

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