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survey (get to know me)

[ stolen from kipp , thanks man ]

Apparently I've had a Spacehey account for a year now so a survey is in order, I suppose...

Who are you texting?

I was last texting my partner, something about going out to try takoyaki

Why aren't you in 'love' with your last ex anymore?

We both weren't in the healthiest of mental states at the time

Do you think anyone has feelings for you?

On multiple levels I believe that many people have all kinds of feelings about me - I'm referring to those on the platonic scale. As of romantic, yes, someone does have feelings for me :)

How late did you stay up last night and why?

Not terribly late, I had an early class the next day.

What do you currently hear right now?

My two fans, it is delightfully cool in my room.

When was the last time you talked to one of your best friends?

A few hours ago

Who was the first person you talked to today?

One of my classmates, we both bonded over our distaste for morning classes

Have you ever ridden a horse?

It's been many years, but yet

Have you ever cried so much you threw up?

There have been many times where I felt like throwing up because I was crying so hard

What are you looking forward to in the next month?

I'm not too sure, I'm expecting nothing and everything at this point.

Are you anything like you were at this point last year?

I'd like to say I know more about myself as a person, but I feel more lost as ever. Still, I am always evolving, and I don't really believe in long-term stagnation, so then I am in somewhat vastly different than this point last year.

Are you wearing jeans right now?

I try to avoid jeans, no. Sensory hell.

Have you lost contact with someone you wish you didn't?

Yes, regrettably. But maybe it's just meant to be.

What's something you do when you're mad?

There are very few instances where I have felt genuinely mad, so I wouldn't remember what I do.

Are you a patient person?

I'd like to say so, but in reality I can be very impatient.

Would you rather be mad or sad?

Sad, it's easier to handle for me

Do you think you can last in a relationship for 3 months?

I'd think so

Do you ever use words like stoked, souped or sick?

Sick, wicked, cool.... all that

When was the last time you cried?


Closest green object to you?

No green objects near me.

Where is your default picture taken?

Taken from Tumblr.com

What is your current mood?

Hungry, making food soon. Also sleepy.

If you could go back in time and change something, would you?

Yes, but I'm calm enough now not to remember the specifics.

Favorite color?


What's your favorite smell?

Lavender is nice, but it extends to the smells of certain foods and even certain people.

Ever kissed in the rain?

Never, although I don't think it would be as romantic as in the movies. Rain around here is brutal.

What are you thinking about right now?

My studies, the exam I have coming soon, food, who I'm seeing tonight... this question.

What should you be doing?

Eating. Washing my clothes

Do you like working in the yard?

Indeed, I garden when I have the time. I'm no expert in such, but it gets me outside.

What color are your eyes?

Deep brown.

Is there someone you just can't imagine your life without?

Air, for sure.

Where did you get your last bruise from?

Pushing shopping carts and the bottom section banging against my shin. Hurt like hell.

Have you ever got a D or F on your report card

Yes, I am horrid at math.

Were you happy when you woke up today?

No, I woke up to a leaking sink.

Do you believe in true love?

I'd like to believe in it.

Will your next kiss be a mistake?

Weird question. No.

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iason's profile picture

how's the sink?

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Fixed, thankfully. The plumbers around here do their job well. It's happened more than once... old buildings

by Hazel; ; Report

how often does your sink bust down?

by iason; ; Report

Not that often, really. Once, twice a year?

by Hazel; ; Report

that's more often than i have ever seen a sink bust...

i think i have only seen a sink leak like.... twice(?) in my life? and that's with having lived in some pretty old buildings....

by iason; ; Report

Fabian Dee

Fabian Dee's profile picture

lol these questions go from gritty and personal to totally inane and frivolous

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think that's why I picked it, just how different the questions are to average surveys haha

by Hazel; ; Report

lol like tell us about all your life's pain and demons, and what's ur fave colour

by Fabian Dee; ; Report


4iamaraindog2's profile picture

Ooooo cool, mind if I steal this survey too?

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Go ahead

by Hazel; ; Report

Double steal.

by Fawkes; ; Report