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August 29th, 2023 - Writing my days because life is boring

Today by the morning i was weirdly in a good mood. Lost the bus and also some couple classes, like Arts and Chemistry and after

There wasnt anything much important yet except my friend Bru talking about how his first tongue kiss w a girl he is liking was shit. My bro made a fucking mystery since the start of the morning just to tell me on tge last class about a kiss.

I never tought that Bru would like this girl, especially because she is our friend, like, we were a kind of trio me, bru and esther. I always noticed this kind of chemical between them but thoght it would be rude to talk about it since bru was dating someone else when they started liking eachother. Last week he broke up w his ex because he was losing feelings for her and was in a bad phase, he told me some stuff about an existencial crisis and whatever. Like, in my opinion it was wrong of his part to not break up sooner but anyways.

They were in the bus, yesterday, and he told me that the kiss was the pwrdt of his life. Its his fault tho cause he had lots of chances to kiss her in better situations but he's just limp asf.

I gave him some advices n stuff but he probably won't hear me.

I'm in my house now, wondering if our friendship will be the same after they "break up". 

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This does not sound like it could end very well, I have had a couple of my dear sweet compatriots go through stuff similar to this, If anything at best it might just be a little awkward, wishing the best for you bro.

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Thanks bro youre a good bro

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